Grace Baptist Church

db constructors worked closely with the Building Committee of Grace Baptist Church and Architects Wayne Clendening and GSBS Batenhorst to build, in less than 12 months, a custom facility, including the following features:

  • All masonry construction to closely match existing facilities.
  • Total Cost was under $60 psf: including 236 parking places, 10 restrooms, 107 tons of air conditioning and all permits and fees, and met ADA Accessibility Standards.
  • Impressive 34’ high exterior walls including over 93,000 king size bricks.
  • 4-level design for smooth transitions from existing buildings with differing elevations.
  • A magnificent atrium serving all four floor levels.

Pastor Ronnie Williams praised the db team, saying that they “...performed their work in a very professional manner with a sensitivity to both our needs and budgetary constraints.”

This project is only one of over 1,322,400 square feet of churches and schools completed by db constructors.