October Hills Farm

db constructors recently completed a new state- of-the-art Jumping Arena and Breeding Barn for October Hills Farm on their 207 acre facility in Weatherford, Texas. Normally, one would assume these were just ordinary facilities. In reality, these are like a five star resort for dressage and jumping horses with all the amenities.

The 28,800 sq ft Jumping Arena, 120X240, was provided by Mid-West Steel Buildings. This facility has a 20 foot eave height, 42 ft height to dormers, and 60 ft height to top of cupolas. (The cupolas, 2- 10X10 and 1-12X12, are functional). The arena floor is a 5 inch base of compacted stone dust and 5 inches of Terra 2000 footing on top…nothing like you ever walked on anywhere. There are 30 –14X12 overhead doors around the perimeter of the building with Lexon opaque light panels. The dormers can also be controlled electronically.

The 10,016 sq ft Breeding Barn, 48.2X208.2, was provided by Barn Master. It includes such amenities as rubber matted washing stalls with regulated water temperatures, and automatic fly spray system. The stalls have the same compacted stone dust base covered by rubber mats and bedding material. There is also an outside run off each stall. The lab has the latest in technology for the collection, storage and breeding of horses. This is also where new foals come into the world. A show paddock is also part of the breeding building.

Other site improvements included: free jump arena, crushed rock driveway, two new
electrical services, water distribution systems, underground storm drainage and modular retaining walls.