Reliance Electric

The db constructors inc. team was selected to provide the new 30,400 square
foot marketing and administration office addition for the R-Tec Division of
Reliance Electric in Bedford. Selection was made from an original field of nine

Contractor selection criteria included cost (a basic cost of less than $40 per square
foot included all architectural and engineering fees, landscaping, major sitework
design, retaining walls and over one acre of paved parking), design and past
performance. (This project is only one of four recent projects by db constructors for R-Tec, an Exxon Company.)

Project architect for db constructors inc. was Wayne Clendening, AIA, and the structural engineer was John Dalton, P.E. Occupancy by the owner began less
than 8½ months after the db constructors team was authorized to proceed with
the preparation of construction drawings.

Don Lewis, Facilities Engineer for Reliance Electric stated: “Few projects come in on time, on budget and with the beauty of this project. It has been a pleasure to work with
db constructors in the past and on this job.” George Hindley, General Manager added: “The work was timely, well done and within budget. The design and construction
has fulfilled all of our goals envisioned for it.”