St. Laurence Episcopal Church

Since 1997, St. Laurence Episcopal Church has teamed with db constructors to build or renovate their office, education, choir, chapel and sanctuary facilities.

Most recently, St. Laurence Episcopal added transept, choir and chapel facilities
to their existing sanctuary. Project design was performed by Arthur Weinman
Architects, original designers of this beautiful, one of a kind church.

The project required meticulous attention to detail matching new construction
with existing interior and exterior construction. Removal of two center sections of
the sanctuary required movement of the steeple, pews and many fragile
accessories. Dust protection was a critical factor in protecting the costly pipe
organ and other valuable church equipment. Other requirements included:
complete interior paint, a new cupola base with 8 windows was added to the
steeple, new air conditioning, heating, and ventilation installation.